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V4ink Knowledge Base Updated: July 10, 2022

FAQs for HP 85A CE285A Toner Cartridges


FAQs for HP 85A CE285A Toner Cartridges


In the modern office environment, HP printers have become daily necessities. Among them, the HP 85A CE285A LaserJet toner cartridge combines quality and efficiency to provide you with high-quality document effects and make your daily printing tasks easy.

In this article, we have listed some common questions and given the corresponding answers to solve your doubts, let’s jump in:



What printer uses HP 85A?

HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M1217nfw Multifunction Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf Multifunction Printer


How many pages can HP 85A toner print?

OEM HP 85A cartridge can print 1,600 pages per cartridge.


How to install 85A toner cartridge into the printer?

You can install the 85A cartridge easily by following the video step by step:



Or you can check this article for more details >> How to install v4ink HP 85A CE285A Toner Cartridge.


Is 85A toner interchange with 83A toner?

No. HP 85A toner and 83A toner is completely different, they are compatible for different printer models.


What is the difference between v4ink 85A and the original 85A?

The most difference of v4ink 85A and original 85A is their page yield.

OEM HP 85A cartridge prints 1,600 pages per cartridge.

V4ink 85A compatible toner cartridge prints 2,000 pages per cartridge, which is 400 pages more than OEM one.


In addition, the printer model they are compatible with is different.

Original 85A toner can only compatible with:

HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer;

HP LaserJet Pro M1217nfw and M1212nf Multifunction Printer.

v4ink compatible 85A toner can work with: HP LaserJet Pro P1102w, M1217nfw and M1212nf Multifunction Printer.

HP LaserJet Series: M1120, 1120n, M1522, M1522n, M1522nf, M1218, P1005, P1006, P1100, P1503, P1504, P1505, P1505n, P1606, P1002, P1003, P1004, P1007, P1008, P1009;

HP LaserJet Pro Series: M1130, M1134, M1137, M1138, M1139, M1214, M1219, P1102, P1102w, P1566, M1132, M1212nf, M1217nfw, P1560, P1600, M1136, M1210 MFP;

Sensys Series: MF4410, MF4430, MF4570, MF4420;

LBP Series: 3010, 3018, 3050, 3100, 3108, 3150, 3250, 6000, 6018, 6020, 6030, 6200.


Will v4ink 85A compatible toner cartridges damage my printer?

No, it won't. All items from v4ink are auto-produced strictly under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 STMC standards, with over 1.40 black uniform density, firm fixation, sharp printout, which are totally comparable to the originals.



Features of CE285A



How long can HP 85A last?

Generally speaking, the HP 85A Toner cartridge can be stored for 36 months without being opened, but it is also affected by temperature and humidity. The service life of the ink cartridge is generally determined by the page yield. The page yield of v4ink compatible 85A toner cartridge is 2,000 pages per cartridge, while OEM can print 1,600 pages per cartridge. Therefore, the service life of v4ink compatible 85A toner cartridge is more than OEM 85A.


If you have any further questions during using v4ink HP 85A toner cartridge, please feel free to contact us by email: or join our Facebook group to get more details or promotion of our products.