How to Refill the Brother Tn660 Toner Cartridge?

How to refill the brother tn660 toner cartridge for your laser printer? This article will talk about this question step by step instructions.

Every Laser printer is equipped with a toner cartridge that is instrumental in printing your documents or images. When toner is used up, many users discard the toner cartridge directly. In fact, it is not necessary to buy a new toner cartridge since you can easily refill laser printer toner yourself by following refill steps. Adding toner to a laser printer on your own is an inexpensive and easy alternative to purchasing a new toner cartridge. Learn how to add toner to your cartridge to help save you money.

The brother tn660 toner cartridge is also known as tn630, they are the same model, for Brother DCP-L2520DW, DCP-L2540DW, MFC-L2700DW, MFC-L2720DW, MFC-L2740DW, HL-L2300D, HL-L2320D, HL-L2340DW, HL-L2360DW and HL-L2380DW printers. It yields up to 2,600 page at 5% Coverage. There are 1 packs, 2 packs, 3 packs and 4 packs compatible tn660 toner cartridges for your choice at V4ink.

However, a toner cartridge can only be refilled to 2-3 times. If you refill it too many times, it will affect the print quality. At this time, V4ink recommends that you have a new TN660 toner cartridge on hand to change soon, but you can milk the almost empty cartridge for all the toner it has. Print quality will begin to get faint, so keep an eye on the print quality.

Next we begin to introduce how to refill TN660 step by step.

1. Remove the toner cartridge gently from the printer.

2. Locate the holding tank on your toner cartridge. There is a fill hole stopped up with a plastic plug that you can easily remove. You don't need to make your own fill hole or burn the hole.

3. Pour the toner from the bottle into the refill hole slowly until the bottle is empty.

4. Reseal the fill hole. You can reinsert the plastic plug back into the hole.

5. Shake the cartridge lightly from side to side, holding horizontally, to ensure even distribution of the toner powder.

6. Reinstall the cartridge in your printer.

For more details, there is a video for your reference.

Or you could click here to watch the viedo on Youtube. Follow V4ink!


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