What is the Difference Between Laser Printer and Dot Matrix Printer?

The laser printer consumables compatible toner cartridge is mainly made of an aluminum base substrate, and the substrate is coated with a photosensitive material. According to the difference of photosensitive materials, it can be divided into OPC drum (organic photoconductive material), toner cartridge (Se selenium) and ceramic drum (a-si ceramic).

From the life point of view, OPC drum survival period is shorter, generally only about 3000 pages, of course, the price is also the cheapest. Se drum life is about 9000 pages, a-si ceramic drum life can reach 90,000 pages, the price is also followed by analogy. From the composition, the general OPC drum only three layers.

The first layer is aluminum, the second layer is the insulation layer, the third layer is the photosensitive layer. The surface of the drum (Se selenium) and ceramic drum (a-si ceramic) is synthesized from four to five layers of material. Especially the ceramic drum, its fourth layer is the first protective layer, the fifth layer is the second protective layer, the fourth, fifth layer is used to protect the photosensitive layer.

The ribbon of the dot matrix printer is divided into nylon 6 and nylon 66, the difference between the two is the chemical composition of nylon content is different. Nylon 66 is better than nylon 6 elastic, durable resistance to fight. The nylon 66 is divided into low density, dense, high density and high density twist four, the higher the density, the weft and weft number more, the better the flexibility. Good ribbon with a base, the surface is flat, no protruding fiber knot, weft and weft density evenly organized, cutting edge straight and uniform, no coke paste phenomenon.

Hand touch, good with a base soft and delicate, there is a sense of smooth. Pull when the flexibility is good, good recovery, the service life of more than 3 million characters. Bad with a broken line with a strong line, hand touch feel hard, cutting edge uneven, with a strong side of the paste. Hand stretch when the feel of small elasticity, poor recovery, printing ribbon stuck phenomenon prone to play with the base hit 60,000 characters per meter will be fluff, from the lotus leaf, resulting in blocking the needle, ribbon stuck and so on, Causing printhead failure.

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