How to Reset Brother TN-450 Toner Cartridges?

Eight Steps show you how to reset your Brother TN450:

Step 1 – Turn off your Brother laser printer ormultifunction center.

Step 2 – Open the front cover of your Brother laserprinter/MFC and make sure it remains that way through the whole procedures.

Step 3 – Hold the go button while turning on your Brotherlaser printer/MFC. All LEDs turn on and the Ready LED will turn off.

Step 4 – When the Ready LED turns off, release the GObutton. All LEDs will turn off.

Step 5 – Press the GO button 2 times (Toner, Drum, andError LEDs turn on).

Step 6 – Press the GO button 7 times. All LEDs turn offand then the Error LED will turn on.

Step 7 – When the Error LED stays on, close the frontcover.  The Error LED will turn off and the Ready LED will flash briefly.

Step 8 – Verify the Ready LED is on steady and the TonerLED is off. Once you are done, you can now resume doing your print jobs.

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