How to Store Your HP CE278a Toner Cartridges?

It’s relatively easy to go through a lot of toner cartridge at the office. Consequently, you probably have to purchase replacement cartridges frequently. Buying a large number of toner cartridges at once time will save you more money, so the storage of the toner cartridge becomes very important. Today we take the HP 78A CE278A toner cartridge as an example, V4ink tells you how to store the toner cartridge and extend its life as much as possible.

First, let's briefly introduce the HP CE278a toner cartridge. Compatible HP 78A CE278A Toner Cartridge at V4ink is not only suitable for HP Printer, such as LaserJet Pro P1606dn printer, LaserJet Pro P1566 printer, etc. It is also suitable for Canon ImageClass, FaxPhone, ImageClass MF printers. A CE278A toner cartridge can print 2,100 Pages at 5% Coverage.  Toner cartridges do have a shelf life and how a toner cartridge is stored does matter. So if you buy a lot of ce278a toner cartridges for your printer, how to store them correctly?

If you’re planning to store cartridges, then keep a note of the expiry date and store them in a dark, dry place. An ink cartridge in storage can only last for a good few months, whereas a toner cartridge will last anywhere between a year to two years. There are some ways you can put off the deterioration of your toner cartridges.

To guarantee the best results from the cartridges, make sure to keep them sealed in a bag until they are to be installed into a printer. Do not keep them lying around without being covered or surrounded by a bag. Keep the cartridges at room temperature in a dry location and avoid exposing them to extreme humidity, cold, or heat. Various weather conditions could make the toner, a fine powder, clump together or otherwise fail. Keep the toner cartridge in its packaging until you are ready to use it. The packaging is designed to protect the cartridge from direct light, dust and debris. If keeping your toner cartridge in the box takes up too much storage space, do not remove the cartridge from the sealed plastic bag and don’t take off the protective shipping covers. Keep your toner cartridges in a drawer or cupboard to keep them out of the sun. Sunlight can cause the toner cartridge casing to warp or melt. If the cartridge warps, it will not fit into the printer properly and may cause toner spills and other issues.

These methods are the way to save the hp ce278a toner cartridge, we hope to help you. If you have any other questions about printer consumables, please feel free to ask in the comments section and we will answer your questions.

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