PhotoSmart C5383 Toner Cartridges

Do you want the best print effect with the brightest colors? V4ink sells HP 564XL compatible ink cartridges for PhotoSmart C5383 printers. Contains pigment based inks and fade-resistant prints. Use photo paper for best results. Get print results that are very similar to those of genuine HP cartridges. Install just like a standard genuine HP cartridge. HP 564XL compatible ink cartridges provide the best quality and consistency for all your documents, projects and presentations. This cartridge is equipped with a new pigment-based ink for optimal performance and long life, as well as an ink indicator chip that accurately tracks ink and communicates with the printer, ensuring you get the best quality prints. The most important thing is that it is so cheap, so what are you still hesitating? All products free shipping!

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HP 564XL Compatible Ink Cartridge KCMY - 4 Packs
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