Laser Printer Maintenance: Cartridge Replacement Guide

Printer toner cartridge life expectancy is generally about 6000-10000 pieces. After long-term use, even if you no longer care about how to repair it, the life of the cartridge has ended, and then it needs to be replaced. Replacement of the cartridge is not difficult, but you still need to learn the operation. Take the following separate toner cartridge for an example; let me give it a brief introduction.

Firstly, turn off the power of the printer to remove the toner cartridge, and then clamp the side of the metal pin with pliers, carefully pulling it out outwards (or directly pin, open and remove the cartridge). Under normal circumstances, at this time we can find Toner cartridge can be divided into two parts, with a magnetic roller a part of the powder, and with photosensitive selenium the collection of waste toner.

And look at the powder part, unscrew the first non-magnetic roller side, open the plastic cover, and then clean up the toner cartridge and magnetic roller with a soft brush. What you should do next is re-install the magnetic roller, press hardly to prevent the magnetic roller dropping from the original spot. At this time it can be equipped with toner, and put the toner slowly into the silo, fixing the upper part of the magnetic roller. The final step is gently turning the end of magnet roller a few times in order to make the carbon powder evenly attached.

Take a look at the collection section, in this part we have to do is to replace the new canon toner cartridges. In the same way, remove the fixing pin and the drum, and then clean the waste toner in the waste toner collection section (try to be as clean as possible to avoid affecting the print quality of the new drum). Here, we can install a new drum. When installing, pay attention that the photoconductive drums are usually divided into right and left parts. When the end of the gear is butted and mounted, fix the photoconductive drum with the fixed dowel pin that it just dropped.

There is generally a dark ink-proof seal in the new drum. Do not tear it off before installation preventing exposure to lights, and you can tear it off after installation. In this way, the powder feeding and the collecting parts are separately finished. Finally, the two parts should be installed and restored according to the situation when they are disassembled, and after you insert the fixed bayonet pin, the replacement work is completed.

In the process of replacement, if there are any toners falling outside the printer, you had better clean the section with a vacuum, and then scrub it with pure alcohol. Moreover, the entire replacement process is best done in darker studios to prevent drum exposure. As for the replacement of one-piece cartridge, you just replace the whole set of it, saving a lot of trouble, but remember shaking it before loading the toner. In addition, I also want to remind you that the cartridge is usually unopened valid for two years but only half a year after opening, so users should pay attention to the validity period to ensure print quality.

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