Why the ink cartridges more expensive than the printer?

When some company use the printer in their office, they will find the cost of each volume printer ink & toner cartridges is so expensive, even higher than each volume champagne or blood.

Sometimes you may even find that the cost of purchase cartridge is far more than the cost to buy a printer each year.

So the question came, why the printer consumable so expensive? Printer manufacturers rely on selling consumable to make money? Do not worry, after reading this article you will be able to find the answer.

The printer industry knows the classic story "buy blade to send razor" mode, this profit model and the razor, the merchant at a lower price to sell you knife, and then you need to continue to buy the blade and then they can get the profit from the blade. Printer industry is not an exaggeration to say that you buy more ink cartridges and the seller willing to send you a printer as reply, Mainly ink cartridges profit is relatively high, that is the reason why the print machine is cheap and cartridge is expensive.

Inkjet printers are generally sold very cheap, because the manufacturer will sell this printer to you based on the cost even loss money. In fact, manufacturers do not make money by selling printers, most of their profits from your later purchase of ink cartridges. Compared to raising the price of the printer to get more profits, manufacturers are more willing to reduce the price of the machine to increase market share, and then you will buy ink and other consumables in the near future that will help them earned you a sum of money.

Many printer manufacturers in order to prevent you from using third-party ink cartridges and exhausted a variety of ways. They put their chips on their own cartridges, so if you use a third-party ink cartridges, or ink cartridges inside the ink, the printer will refuse to work.

How to solve this problem that is we purchase the replace cartridge to instead of the original cartridge. Such as, if we use the HP printer and the cartridge off work now, we have to contact the suppler to ask them send us some original cartridge to replace the old one. The price is sky high, At this time, we can search the replace HP cartridge on the google, and we can find so many type replace cartridge on the web, such as the hp 951xl ink cartridge etc.

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