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There are two types of ink cartridges with inkjet nozzles: the bc-01/02/03, the color bc-05/06/09; Holes (ie vent holes) are on another category: such as black bc-20/23, color bc-22 / 22e / 29f. The ink hole is used in the production of ink, sealed on the plug and has a small eye for the ventilation hole. It is used to maintain the internal and external pressure balance.

Two kinds of ink cartridges and adding canon printer ink are the same methods, with a bit of the vent hole slightly spin two laps, standing the force, gently pulling out the holes on the plug. Color ink cartridges need to use toothpicks to determine the color, and the ink needle into the holes. Note add ink not to exceed the capacity of sponges, which is limited when printing is prone to ink. What’s more, control it when adding ink to avoid overflowing, especially for color ink cartridges.

Several colors of the ink hole are close to each other, so avoid overflowing, and upon infiltration of other colors of ink, the cartridge cannot be used due to color mixing. In addition, bc-03 cartridge has two styles, one is said earlier, and the other is a side transparent ink storage chamber. The chamber wall of the ink hole is with a ball to seal, and the ink method is used with a mandrel to push the ball into the ink storage room. After filling in the ink with a new ball, the ink hole needs to be sealed.

By filling the cartridge we can indeed extend the life of the cartridge, but the nozzle is also very easy to get plugged, for a nozzle change can cost a lot of money. Weigh it yourself!  

In our daily life we encounter different problems. The first one is maintain your canon printer ink.

For the Canon printer, after the use of a long time, users will find out the printed text or image become disconnected, color distorted, writing fuzzy, and sometimes even cannot print. This failure occurs, often due to the blocked printer nozzle. After not being used for a longtime, ink is very dry because of excessive evaporation. Or different ink mixing produce chemical reaction, causing that the printer nozzles don’t work. So it needs to be overhauled.

The second one is how to solve it when your Canon printer is unable to recognize your ink & toner.

So our initial step is to remove the cartridge respectively and check the cartridge penholder of the metal contacts. If there are traces of burns, the burns should be very small. They look gray and are without metal outlook. Ink might affect the electric contacts. If happened, wipe out those with a clean soft cloth or try them again by alcohol cotton balls. Wait until they become dry and try as you want. Besides, reinstall the drive, and put on the original cartridge. If you use the false ink cartridges or compatible cartridges, replace those when you get a new original cartridge. Problem should be resolved.

Sometimes there are occasions when the cartridge chip and printer can’t contact, and they need to be cleaned. If print head data cables are loose, which needs to be re-plugged and fixed. Last but not least, the gap between the cartridge and the printer producing date is large, and you should replace them by the latest version of the driver and update the printer of new firmware.

According to our previous customer, they give us feedback: just received my Canon 104 printer cartridge replacement, and it works perfectly! Excellent ink, perfect fit. The packaging was amazingly secure, with very quick delivery. This will be my Go-To site for all of my printing needs. Thus I recommend Canon 104 Compatible Toner Cartridge, which belongs to Best Ink Toner Under $50. Believe in 4VINK toner quality and great customer services!

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