What is the role of developing magnetic roller?

The developing magnet roller is an important part of carrying toner. The permanent core is not rotating, its role is the use of magnetic, adsorption of toner to the surface of the magnet. The surface of the magnet roller is sprayed with a layer of rough graphite so that it forms an electrical hole with the toner scraper and facilitates toner transfer. When the magnetic roller carrying the toner is rotated out of the scraper position, the toner on the surface of the magnet roller is charged with "magnetic spike", that is, "toner fog" due to the force of the magnetic field, Roller jacket applied bias, so that the order of the tones arranged in order. The effect of the magnetic roller "spacer" is to control the effective suction distance between the magnetic surface of the magnet roller and the photosensitive drum, which is advantageous for improving the toner "beating and developing".

The surface of the photosensitive drum light conductor material in the absence of light for the case of insulator, was neutral, without any charge. To achieve the "electrostatic latent image" on the surface of the light conductor, the surface of the photoconductor must be charged and charged. Only in this way, when the laser beam is scanned onto the light conductor, the light conductor is turned on at the point where it is exposed to form a beam lattice. The lattice charge and the substrate are electrically connected to form a "potential difference latent image". When the photosensitive drum is rotated to the tangential position of the developing magnet roller, the canon toner is attracted to the surface of the photosensitive drum, Thereby exhibiting a brother tn420 image on the photosensitive drum.

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The "electrostatic latent image" formed on the surface of the light conductor is "developed" to show the toner image, which is called "electron development". The development work is done by the developer, which acts to turn the electrostatic latent image into a visible image. Development is the use of material charge repulsion, the opposite sex to absorb the principle of completion.

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