What are The Toner Cartridges in The Printer?

The toner cartridge is divided into two types: toner cartridge with print head and toner cartridge without print head.

Toner cartridge with print head is the printing head and the ink box together. This cartridge can print high precision by regular cartridge replacement, to avoid the printing nozzle clogging caused by wear down or print quality, can continue to obtain a good printing effect. It's a good choice if you're financially willing. But when the ink box is run out, it needs to change the whole ink box, and it also discards the print head. It is a waste for the ordinary family users.

Toner cartridge without print head, which print head is separated from the ink box. When the ink is exhausted, the ink box can be replaced only, and the print head can be used continuously, and the daily cost of the material is lower. But if you use regular paper to print, then the print head is easy to adhere to the ordinary paper on impurities and small fibers, resulting in a printer nozzle clogging, affecting the quality of printing. At this point, you must wash the print head, the best way to clean is to use property cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning machine, and then seriously old can only replace the maintenance.

In addition, the ink box is divided into two types: an integral type and an independent type according to the color. The independent color ink cartridge design can change the printing ink boxes of different colors, thereby avoiding the waste caused by the integration of the three color ink. But one degree of waste type design color ink cartridge ink will decrease with the increase of ink box capacity, so the four major manufacturers in the high-end inkjet products provide high capacity cartridges.

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