Tips for Cleaning and Preserving Laser Printers and Toner Cartridges

Want to know how to enlonger the service life of your laser printer and take care of your toner cartridges? Here are some tips!

The following points you need to watch out when you are using your laser printer and toner cartridges to keep the service life longer.

1, Avoiding uses and preservation in environment of high humidity, high temperature or extreme cold. If your toner cartridge has been placed in such extreme high or low temperature for a long time, you need to carry it in a normal temperature room to restore for some time and then use it.

2, do not tear the seal before using your toner cartridge, or once the toner becomes damp and agglomerates, it would affect the printing or cause print color get light.

3, try to avoid prolonged exposure to the strong light for a long time. When the drum is not used, do not tear the plastic bag, especially don’t open the drum light block, over continuous exposure to light for more than ten minutes, the drum will be scrapped.

4, in the replacement of the cartridge, use a vacuum to clean where you place the cartridge and a soft cloth to clean the calculated paper and toner dust. You can also swab the exposed electrical contact pieces by using a cotton dipped in alcohol.

5, do not arbitrarily turn the OPC drum core and you must pay attention to the direction when turning OPC drum core. If the rotation direction is wrong, it will do damage to the parts and cause powder leakage when printing or print stains.

6, do not use wrinkled, incised, too thick or too hard papers, because it will affect the print quality and wear out photosensitive drum.

When you use V4ink dell toner, you will experience all the advantages of it:

1, Printing stability because V4ink adopts the use of imported photosensitive drum core,

2, Clear and realistic printing with high-precision toner, small toner particles, not easy to damage the magnetic roller and photosensitive drum.

3, Fair amount of toner cartridges, high printing blackness (black value of 1.4 or more), and solid fixing.

4, Out of factory inspection of the cartridge, ensuring perfect product quality.

V4ink toner powder is environmental friendly and the manufacturers only use the premium high quality resin and coal as raw material to ensure the blackness and layers of printing.

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