The difference between toner cartridge and ink cartridge

Toner cartridge: in fact, we often say "toner box", the correct name is toner cartridge. Carbon powder is a solid powder material. Toner cartridges are copies of consumables that are available to multi-functional copiers and laser printers, and cartridges are printed consumable products available to inkjet printers.

Ink cartridge: a cartridge used primarily in an inkjet printer to store, print, and ultimately print. Its internal storage as ink, as its name suggests, is a liquid substance. The study tools for people to fill the ink in ancient times. From the current market structure of the ink cartridges structure, in general, can be divided into: split ink cartridges and integrated ink cartridge. It is important to note that the cartridges are of considerable importance to the inkjet printer, especially some low-end printers, which have already reached 2 boxes of ink cartridges are equal to the price of a printer. Therefore, when buying a printer, the ink cartridge must be considered.

Drum: also called photosensitive drum, the basic base material made of aluminum, and the photosensitive material coated on the base material. The drum are not only determines the quality of the print, but also determines how much money the user needs to spend in the process of using it.

In laser printers, more than 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the toner cartridge, and the quality of the print is in fact largely determined by the toner cartridge. So the toner cartridge is the most critical part of the laser printer.

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