The most common printer problems

Have you ever get into trouble because of the printers? We have listed 5 most comment printing problems, and also ways to fix them of course. Hope that this article helps you!


Problem: Paper jams
1. Turn off your printer before attempting to remove a paper jam to lower the chance of hurting yourself or the printer in the process.
2. Remove loose paper from the tray.
3. Check for jams in all the paper trays and exits, including inside the machine along the path where the paper runs.
4. Once you’ve found the jammed paper, pull out the jammed sheets one at a time.
5. Be gentle—never rip the paper out and check for a lever or knob that will easily release the paper.
6. Close all doors and turn on the printer—the printer should reset itself automatically.
If the printer reports that it is still jammed, double-check for stray paper scraps, and close all the doors again. If the printer continues to report an error, turn it off and then back on again.


Problem: Wireless print too slow
To get the best performance from a network printer, it's hard to beat a wired, Ethernet-cable-to-router connection. Wireless printing may be more convenient in many homes and offices, but it has its limitations. Since Wi-Fi speeds slow down with distance, you can take a stab at putting your wireless printer as close as possible to the router. Also, make sure your Wi-Fi printer or any wireless print server it connects to supports the 802.11n spec, which can rival the performance of 100-mbps Ethernet.


Problem: Printer don't print
There are various reasons why your printer may not be printing. You would need to troubleshoot by checking to see whether there is an error message/warning light on the printer, making sure there is paper in the tray, seeing if the ink cartridges are placed correctly and checking to see if the USB cable is plugged in or the printer's Wi-Fi network is turned on.Check the printer driver; once in a while this can get to be undermined and should be reinstalled. The right driver for your printer can be found on your makers download page.In the event that your printer is still not working, consult the troubleshooting section in the printer's User Manual for further instructions.


Problem: My printer says my ink cartridge is empty. I think it's lying.
Sometimes, your printer may tell you the cartridge is empty or not recognized when you just finish install a brand new cartridge. One tip is to reset your toner cartridges. You can also learn more about TN450 Toner Cartridge and TN660 Toner Cartridge reset guide.


Problem: Printing cost too much
One way you can replace your printer ink cartridges less often and have cheap printer ink costs is to buy compatible printer ink cartridges. Buying original ink cartridges can lower your risk of ink leakage, poor print out quality and short-lived cartridges. Having said this, compatible ink cartridges offer comparable quality to original branded cartridges, but at a fraction of the price. Don’t forget to check out V4INK for professionally compatible print cartridges backed by a two year 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can also recycle the used cartridges, which contributes to our environment.


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