How to chose between compatible and original cartridges?

First, to clarify a concept that compatible toner cartridge are not equivalent to dummy cartridges. Since foreign manufacturers have a negative attitude towards compatible cartridges, many people believe that compatible cartridges are false cartridges. In fact, this view is incorrect. Fake ink box "false" lies in its veritable fake and shoddy, and its damage to the printer. Compatible cartridge, as its name suggests, is not produced by manufacturers, but it is suitable for printing equipment produced by manufacturers without damage. The biggest advantage of compatible cartridges is the affordable price.

Of course, the choice of original or compatible, and should not be one size fits all, different types of users will also have different considerations.

For images and documents at the same time the personal office work and a small group of users, the image printing requirements is not less than professional users, but still want to have a good quality, but the original cartridge for this type of users is still too expensive, so we might use high-quality compatible toner cartridges. At present, there are domestic manufacturers in ink manufacturing process can match with foreign brands, printing effect will never be inferior to the original cartridge, but the price is much cheaper, to achieve quality, price win-win situation.

For enterprise users who mainly document output, the quality of printing is generally required only because of the amount of printing required to focus on quantity. Therefore, the choice of economical and durable compatible cartridges is quite appropriate. Compatible printer cartridge perform well in file output, and their price advantages are far greater than those of the original cartridge.

For the image based enterprise users, such as all kinds of advertising design, art design, digital photo printing and other professional users. Because of the needs of their own industry, such users pay great attention to the amount of printing system, the ability to express the color requirements are very high. The user should be at the cost of the original supplies, and should be with the printer is a brand of ink, after all production process of various manufacturers are not the same, the famous brand products of good collocation often.

In fact, choose between original and compatible cartridges, the biggest consideration is the cost, if capital is abundant, the original printing supplies is certainly the first choice, but if the money concerns, or consider the cost savings and the actual use requirements, select the appropriate compatible cartridges are also a good choice.

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