Precautions for use of the toner cartridge

A toner cartridge is a vital part of the printer,it also known as a photosensitive drum. It not only for the printer's print quality has a great impact, but also played a key role for printing costs . Then what should be noted when we use the toner cartridges? In the use of toner cartridges that we should noted below points and that can extend use life of printer.

1, Try to avoid the drums have unnecessary mechanical vibration situation;

2, Do not touch the surface of the cartridge ink, the shutter should be closed, because the closure of the shield to avoid dust and light into the drum on the surface;

3, When we purchase a the new cartridge and we need to shake the cartridge first before we tear the cartridge seal tape. It can let the toner evenly distributed in the cartridge.

4, Do not purchase the cheapest and lowest quality cartridge ink,it will increase the cost and make the bad printer.Consider the printer brand and model in advance and then choose the relative consumable from the market or the website.Nowadays, so many supplier promote the ink cartridge from the internet and they have the own brand, such as the V4INK, they brand including: HP, BROTHER,CANON,DELL,SAMSUNG etc, you can choose different model ink cartridge from the website, such as cheapest place to buy compatible printer tconer cartridges cording to your requirements.

5, Do not put the cartridge in the strong light exposure for more than 5 minutes, especially the EP-L and EP-E cartridges, their exposure seam is not covered, if they are exposed to strong light will damage the cartridge.

6, Do not easily try to open or refill the cartridge, because this operation will damage the printer if the operation is improper.

7, After the cartridge be purchased by yourself and we should put the cartridge along and not across,because it will cause the drum inside the toner distribution is uneven.

Above is the use of toner cartridges precautions, hope these points can help you extend the life of your toner cartridge in the process of using the cartridge, it is recommended that you can refer to the above precautions when using the cartridge, it will be very helpful.

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