Original TN450 vs Compatible TN450 Toner Cartridge, How To Choose?

When printer users purchases toner cartridges, they often encounters a problem. Should they choose a compatible cartridge or a genuine cartridge? As a toner cartridge supplier, V4ink cannot absolutely say which one is better. We can only give you some advice. Below we will compare the original tn450 and compatible tn450 toner cartridge.

Brother TN450 toner cartridge yields enough toner for approximately 2,600 A4 pages. Such capacity should be perfectly enough for moderate use, however, keep in mind that the actual number of pages you can print with a cartridge depends on what you print. TN450 toner cartridge offers solid black color high-quality printing. TN450 is compatible with so many Brother printers, including Brother All-in-One Machines, Brother Fax Machine and Brother Laser Printers. If you purchased a compatible tn450 cartridge, then you also need a dr420 drum unit. They need to be assembled together to work in the printer. The life of the drum unit is longer than that of the toner cartridge, and one drum unit is used after consuming 3-5 toner cartridges in general.

The printer toner cartridge is very easy to consume and you have to replace it regularly. Regardless of how many or few pages you print with your toner printer, you will sooner or later run out of toner. To be completely honest, original TN450 toner cartridge has quite a beefy price tag. A compatible tn450 toner cartridge sells for only $12.99 on V4ink, and an original tn450 cartridge on Amazon is priced at $53.99. It means that the compatible tn450 cartridge is quarter of original tn450 toner cartridge. Which one would you prefer to choose?

Too cheap or expensive don’t always mean good. An affordable cartridge could turn out to be a disaster for your printer. The toner could just spill out if the body of the cartridge is poorly built, potentially damaging the printer. And a lot of other things could happen to your cartridge that could harm your printer. Our compatible toner cartridges are professionally manufactured, guaranteed to match OEM cartridge performance and, of course, quite affordable. V4ink allows our shoppers to return any printer toner cartridge they bought from us if ever they are dissatisfied with it. And without any question or extra fee asked, we’ll ship a replacement cartridge on your way as fast as we can. Choosing a reliable compatible toner cartridge supplier on the premise of guaranteeing quality, price and service will save you a lot of money and solve many annoyances for you.

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