Office Printer Supplies Uses and Maintenance Methods

In the maintenance and replacement of cartridges at the same time, there are some tips that you need to be reminded.

Firstly, don’t clean the cartridge need too frequently, and it is prohibited you use ordinary paper to scrub in the cleaning process.

Secondly, during the above maintenance and replacement process, it is strictly prohibited to touch the surface of the drum with your bare hands. Also at the same time, you have to prevent the collision of hard objects of cartridge ink.

Thirdly, try not to let the cartridge directly exposed to the sun or other strong light. Do not open the light board on the cartridge. If you get the toners exposed to light continuously for more than ten minutes, the photographic drum is declared scrapped in some cases.

Forthly, avoid using and preserving your toners under high humidity and high temperature, they can become damp and form cubes, affecting the printing effect or cause light color printing. The other solution under such circumstances is to move it from low temperature environment to high temperature one and you need to put them aside for a period of time (more than an hour) before use.

5, do not rotate the OPC Drum core by hand, you must pay attention to the direction of rotation when rotating the OPC Drum core. If the rotation direction is wrong, it will do damage to the parts caused by print leakage or print smudges.

6, toner cartridge is with a developing device, and it is a roller covered with magnetic particles. Thus it is necessary to ensure to put the toner cartridge away from the display, hard disk, speaker and other magnetic materials to avoid magnetization, or affecting the print quality.

You can trust our tn660 toner, so below are the reviews from our previous customers and they will tell you their after-use feelings.

-Excellent!!! I've purchased many different "knock-off" printer cartridges and toner cartridges. This brand, by far, is the best there is. It says 2,600 pages per toner cartridge and that's generally at 5%, but I only got 2,000 pages…yes, I actually tracked how many that I used….but I'm very satisfied with 2,000 pages because generally what I print is more along the lines of 20% coverage. And JD's review, although I feel for him if this was the only toner cartridge he had on hand, his review is based on his experience alone. I would be miffed, too, if I ordered one knock-off and it didn't work, but that's generally why I order 2. So, I just ordered 2 more. Great, great price! You won't be disappointed.

-It fits and works perfectly for Brother laser printer. I have HL-2240 and a wireless HL-23800W. One of the reasons I choose Brother laser printer is V4ink has this affordable cost replacement toner cartridge. I used some other brand toner, some print out leave black line or layer of black color on top. This one print out very clean and I have no issue at all. I didn't count how many paper it can print but I used up a pack 500, it still running. Installation is easy and please noteee   you should make sure to remove all the color tape first.

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