V4ink Knowledge Base Updated: October 18, 2017

Some things you didn't know about toner cartridges



Since you are reading our blog, we believe that you must be a user of toner cartridge, right?

When did you start to use toner cartridge?

Several months? One Year? 2 Years? Or long long time?

But do you know these small things about toner cartridge?



What is toner anyway?

Toner is a fine powdery substance made from pigment dyes (black, cyan, magenta or yellow and most recently white and clear - see and small bits of fine plastic. Manufacturers use plastic in the toner mixture because it melts as the paper is passed through the fuser (which heats the mixture) to provide a sharp, lasting image on the paper.



What is a remanufactured cartridge?

A remanufactured toner cartridge is a cartridge that has been rebuilt using some components of a recycled toner cartridge, mixed with new parts. This allows manufacturers to recycle individual parts whilst only reusing the large core of the cartridge itself. Quality remanufactured cartridges, though purposefully given a bad name by OEM's in the name of eliminating competition, are essentially the same thing as the OEM name-brand cartridges. In fact, many OEM companies include return labels in their boxes - what do YOU think they do with the returned cartridges? That's right, many OEMs remanufacture them and sell them as new.



Do remanufactured cartridges perform as well as the OEM?

YES, in most cases they do. Assuming the company carries ISO9001 Certification and STMC Compliant status during manufacturing, you can rest assured a remanufactured cartridge will perform as well as the OEM brand name cartridge. They also yield the same number as pages as their OEM counterparts; in some cases more as remanufacturers might provide high yield and extended yield cartridges not available with "HP's" name on the box.



Will a remanufactured toner cartridge void my printers warranty?

NO, though many OEM's claim otherwise, in effort to drive their own sales, using a remanufactured toner cartridge will NOT void your printers warranty. This is due to the Magnuson Moss Act (1972) which prohibits any manufacturer from requiring use of their end-user supplies unless they are provided for free.



What is the best way to remove toner from my clothes?

Do NOT use hot water! Hot water will cause the plastics in the toner to soften and bind the pigment to the fibers of your clothes. Rinse any toner with COLD water and avoid brushing or rubbing the stained portion of the clothing. Before rinsing, try to loosen the particles by removing form water and gently shaking.


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