How to save money with CANON cartridges?

I used the printer is CANON BJC-210SP type, bought in 1997, when the price is still relatively high to buy. I bought this printer is mainly used to play some of the manuscript, so compared to some home users, I spent a lot of ink consumption, I have spent about three years with about 25 bottles of ink, in fact, I The cost of the ink is less than 200 (about $ 7 per filling, which is cheaper than the ribbon), which is basically the cost of a bottle of original BC-03. See here, experienced people must have thought, I used to fill the replacement ink. I believe that people who use inkjet printers are more or less used to fill the ink instead of filling, I also in a variety of newspapers, magazines, websites, how to save ink and how to fill the ink method. Some of the replacement ink cartridges also shows how to fill the method when it is sold. And at the same time also sell some drill and other small tools. But I found that filling the ink in accordance with the instructions to fill the filling step is a bit annoying, but also a bit complicated, so I based on my experience, worked out a simple way to fill the filling.

Please clean your desk before filling, preferably on a glassy desk. And then prepare one or more absorbent paper, flat on the table. The empty cartridges in the normal direction of the use of hand to get the right, the label on the cartridge to face your own inkjet head to be down (Note: inkjet head below is absorbent paper, not your pants, skirts, or Is a book with important information!). And then you buy filling ink attached to the small drill in the cartridges are just above the left side of the drill a little bit of drilling, drilling time to vertical drilling, do not shake the hand, the cartridge drill after the drill bit on the vertical Mention, mention the process do not shake the drill, to prevent the sticky plastic pieces on the drill fell into the ink cartridges, such a block, but the nozzle is not washed anything! The Pull out the small drill after filling the ink needle into the cartridge (I bought Tianwei filling ink has a long needle), and then gently squeeze the ink, has been squeezed into the ink port ink bleed (Then you can know that I let everyone in a clean glass table, put one or more of the purpose of absorbent paper), and then a little ink out of the box to suck a little until there is no ink exudation on the line, and then Ink on the suction nozzle with absorbent paper. And then use the filling ink to send the removable paper, or the previously prepared plastic stickers will fill the ink hole on the line. Installed in the printer to try, first automatic cleaning about the nozzle, and then hit two sheets of paper to see, is not the same with the new?

It is best to use canon ink cartridges, because I found that even if the original ink cartridges in the ink is not exhausted when the alternative ink to add no precipitation phenomenon (I use the Tianwei brand filling instead of ink) And the quality of the original cartridge nozzle is better, can be filled about 7 times to 8 times, writing is still very clear.

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