How to save money if we use the printer frequently?

We want to avoid falling into the "buy a cheap printer, endure high-priced toner cartridges," In a dilemma situation , when we buy a printer that need to consider our work requirement in advance and then make the decision to purchase which type printer. From a long-term point of view, we can save a lot of money.

1, Strongly recommended to buy ink cartridges that can refill the ink by ourself.

Purchasing refill ink cartridge from a third party is generally much cheaper than the official new cartridge. Although the printer company often warned us not to do so, however the quality of these refill ink toner cartridges is still good in general.

2, Purchase the continuous supply printer.

Some printer can be changed to the continuous supply printer that means we can use other ink instead of the original one. The cost of each bottle ink is CNY 25, 6 bottles can be used within half a year. if you do not know how to operate, you can buy automatically continuous supply printer, Epson has come out continuous supply printer, although the price is slightly more expensive, however compared with the original ink, it can help us save a sum of money.

3, Purchase the ink by ourself and fill ink to the toner cartridge. (non-professionals worker do not recommend)

If you like DIY, you can try to buy ink and fill the ink to the cartridge. But this process is risky and may be messed up, and if your cartridge has a test chip, it may refuse to work.

4, Purchase a larger installed ink toner cartridges:

If you choose the official ink toner cartridges, then buy a large volume of it. In general, the unit volume of ink is the most expensive in the cheapest ink toner ,buy a larger ink toner cartridge can save money.

5.Seach the cartridge on Google.

We can search the cartridge on Google if we want to purchase a good toner cartridge with a nice price. For example, if we want to purchase a Brother TN 660 cartridge, we can Google it, then we will find V4ink Brother TN660 toner cartridge price range, if we purchase one package, the price is $16.99, Coupon price is $7.70 and Discount price is $10.99. We can compare each website cartridge price and make our final decisions.

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