How to Deal with Copier Jam

Does copier Jam trouble you as well and do you want to solve the problem?

First of all, we need to figure out why our copiers would encounter jams.

In the process of using samsung printer toner, even compatible toner cartridges is good; sometimes we get in trouble because the paper jams happen a lot.

It’s due to separation claws wearing. After long-term use of copiers, machine drum or fuser separation claws will be severely worn, resulting in paper jams. In severe cases, the separation claws cannot separate the copy paper from the drum or the fuser roller, causing paper jamming on the paper. At this point, you can either use anhydrous alcohol to clean the toner on the fuser roller or separate and remove the blunted separation claws. Sharpening them with fine sandpapers can make the copier continue operating for some time. If not, only step you should take is to replace the separation claw with a new one.

The second problem can be the paper sensor failure. Paper Road sensors are located in separation zone, fuser paper outlet and other spots. You can use ultrasound or optoelectronic components of the paper to test it. Any sensor failure will not be able to make it detect go-through of paper. When the paper is advancing, a small lever for sensor transportation is touched, and an ultrasonic wave or light is blocked to detect when the paper has passed, and the instruction to proceed to the next step is issued. If the small lever rotation fails, it will prevent the paper advance, resulting in jamming failure, therefore you should check the paper path sensor is in correct action.

The third step is registration roll wearing and driving clutch damage.

The registration roller is a hard rubber roller that drives the paper forward alignment after the paper of the copier rolls out of the paper cassette, and is respectively located on the upper and lower sides of the paper. After the registration roller wearing for some time, it will slow down the paper moving speeds, and the paper will often get stuck in the middle. If the registration roller drive clutch is damaged, the roller cannot rotate and the paper cannot pass. If this happens, you need to replace the new registration roller or handle it accordingly.

The fourth problem can be the passing barrier displacement

Copy papers go through the exit barrier, and then a copy of the program will be completed. Long-term use of copiers can make the exit baffle sometimes displaces or skews to prevent the smooth outputs of copy paper, resulting in paper jams. At this moment, the export baffle should be calibrated so that the baffle is straight and free to move. The paper jam will be solved as well.

And you also need to pay attention to fixing pollution

The fuser roller is a drive roller for the copy paper to pass through. Fuser paper, which melts at a high temperature during fixing, tends to contaminate the surface of the fuser roller, especially when it is poorly lubricated and poorly cleaned. The copy paper adheres to the fuser roller. At this time you should check whether the roller is clean, the cleaning scraper is intact, the silicone oil is effective, or the fuser roller cleaning paper is exhausted. If the fuser roller is contaminated with anhydrous alcohol, you can put some silicone oil on the surface. For serious cases, you need to get a new clean paper.

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