How to choose high quality compatibility cartridges

The quality of toner cartridge directly affects printing effect.

Take my Brother printer DCP-7060D for example. We bought the printer for only 10 months, and there were signs such as red lines. There was a problem with the nozzle of the printer. We'll send it back within the warranty period. At first, we thought that the printer would be repaired smoothly and that it would be used again after a while. But after we waited for some time, the result was that the machine used the compatible brother cartridge of bad quality and couldn't guarantee it.

What disappointed us was that this printer has not been in use for a year. It's going to be scrapped. It's a serious loss.

Investigate its reason, It’s due to the poor quality of compatible cartridges we use at ordinary times, which damage to the printer seriously. Technical personnel tell us, the choice of good quality compatible toner cartridges, the damage to the printer is relatively small, and the printing effect is basically the same as the original toner cartridges.

Later, my friends recommend the V4INK brand toner cartridge to me, which product quality is good, and also affordable. After purchase, i would like to share with you how to choose high-quality toner cartridges?

First, choose large and stable businesses

Some well-known brand enterprises are more secure than ordinary small businesses, big companies like V4INK, have a good after sale service. If there is any product related issues, their customer service staff will give timely help, in addition to ensure that it has 2 year warranty guarantee.

Moreover, when purchasing products, we should pay attention to the review of the products

By product review can roughly grasp the quality of the product, the general evaluation of businesses will choose to hide bad comments, If you see the number of evaluation of the product is relatively small, and the evaluation is not very good, as can be imagined, certainly the quality of this product is not good; but if the review is large in quantity and good quality, you can choose to buy in.

Finally, look at the actual print effect of the product

High quality printer toner not only less damage to the printer, the printing effect is clear and smooth; the warranty of the printer may also play a role; but also prohibit the original cartridge of profiteering, Reduce printing costs.

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