Good Brand is More Important Than a Good Product

I used to buy printer toner cartridges for OEM, I think the original cartridge will benefit the original printer better, but their customer service is not good, and there price is very expensive.

An accidental opportunity, I learned that the compatible toner cartridge brand V4INK . At the beginning, I don’t think compatible toner cartridges will be suitable for my printer. I think that the compatible toner cartridge must not be comparable to the original. And the price was so cheap that make me really confuse whether it would cause damage to my printer.

But under the recommendation of my friend, I tried the ink cartridge of this brand. However, its effect is a surprise to me. I am very impressed with this toner!

I was paying 60 dollars for each toner cartridge at the store, and this gives me three of them plus a dr630 drum unit (which costs about 100.00 at the store) for 40 bucks. That is unbelievable. When I had enough of dealing with the low toner warning on my Brother printer, I popped out the old one and one of these took its place. Slid in perfectly fine, seated well, and that was that. I closed the door to the printer, it checked for a new cartridge, and I have not had a single issue since. No error messages. Perfect replacement for cheap!

Choosing a good brand is more important than choosing a good product. Since I bought V4INK products, I don't want to change any other brands anymore. V4INK’s high quality and low price, as well as perfect and timely after-sales service make me really satisfied.

I love this brand so much, and i'd love to recommend it to you.

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