What should we do if the Brother HL-2140 refused to work?

When we meet the Brother HL-2140 stop to work, we should consider below points.
1.Clearing the toner warehouse;
2.Clearing and changing the brother toner cartridge;

The detail information of each point as follow:

First, Clearing the toner warehouse.

As long as the machine toner alarm (Toner light flashes) to clear toner warehouse. The clear method is as follows:

In case of power, remove the toner warehouse or drum unit and put them flat on the table, we will find a small box on the right side.This small box must be at the bottom after toner alarm, we need to use the a flat head screwdriver carefully into the slides which is under the small box,,try to turn the screwdriver, and then use of lever effect let the small box move till you hear the sound of song. hear The sound of the song, the small box is lifted and push the small box to the top according to the path.

Now put the drum unit into the machine, close the front cover, the machine will make the self-test, if the yellow toner light is no longer flashing that indicating the counter has been cleared. I printed the machine settings page before and after clearing as verify.
Looking the toner bar from zero to full, and print the color is also deep that indicated the machine toner full ink warehouse.You can squeeze the last piece of powder by this way. And until there no ink then plus ink by yourself.

Second, Clearing the toner cartridge.

From the above settings page that we can see the drum life will be counted also, DRUM bar shows empty, the machine prompts to replace the cartridge and it will refused to work. The old cartridge can continue to use at this point, but must clear the drum counter, the method as follows:

Under the machine working and then open the front cover, hold down the GO button about 4 seconds till the panel three lights turn on.
Then remove the drum unit and reload in the machine, close the front cover, let the machine make self-test to finish complete clear. Continuous press the GO key three times, you can see the drum (DRUM) display is full. The printer will work again. If the machine still not work then we should change the cartridge order printer ink online and it will let the machine work again with good quality.

Third, Changing the toner cartridge.

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