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v4ink InkSacs HP 65XL (N9K04AN) Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge 3 piece combo pack( with an OEM printhead)

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We can offer you more environmental friendly options! With v4ink InkSacs, now you can save even more.


             Print more and spend less                              Easy to install                                        Eco-friendly

             Get 3X more ink for less price              Compatible for All 65/65XL Printer               Reusable and less waste



What will you get from this combo pack?

  • 1 Reusable OEM Print head (can be use together with the replacement ink cartridges up to 3 times)
  • 3 Black Replacement Ink Cartridges



How v4ink InkSacs Works?



             OEM Print head                                        ink cartridge                             Ready-to-go ink cartridge

         Reusable up to 3 times                                                                              OEM Print head + Ink Cartridge


Print more - You will get 1 Ready-to-go ink cartridge (1 OEM print head + 1 Replacement ink cartridge), which can be directly installed in the printer, and 2 separate replacement ink cartridge. One replacement ink cartridge can print 480 pages, so you can print up to 1440 pages via this combo pack!


Spend Less - Use v4ink InkSacs is a best way to savings. Cost per page is the best way to measure printer cost efficiency. You will found that the v4ink InkSacs HP 65XL Combo Pack is 60% cheaper than the original. You can get big discounts on v4ink InkSacs combo pack as well. 

65XL Black



v4ink InkSacs





Page Yield

300 pages

300 pages

1440 pages

Cost per Page

10.3 cents

8.7 cents

3.1 cents


Eco-friendly - Do not throw away the OEM print head after use, it can be reused with new replacement ink cartridge (up to 3 times), just put the replacement ink cartridge into the reusable OEM print head.


Perfect Compatibility - Suitable for HP Printer: Deskjet 2640, Deskjet 2652, Deskjet 2655, Deskjet 3720, Deskjet 3730, Deskjet 3732, Deskjet 3752, Deskjet 3755, Deskjet 3758, Deskjet 2621, Deskjet 3721.


Reliable printing results - Sharp text, bold blacks and crisp graphics. Perfect partner with your printer. Easy to be installed and recognized. Do not hesitate to make your today, Get this Best Seller HP 65XL with Unbeatable Price and Service immediately. Being our client can enjoy the buying experiences beyond the expectation from our professional team who provides remarkable services.



Frequently Asked Questions and Answer?

01. What is v4ink InkSacs?

V4ink InkSacs is a series of innovative products which consist of multi-pack replacement ink cartridges and a reusable OEM print head. Know more about v4ink InkSacs...

02. Can I use v4ink InkSacs for my printer?

v4ink InkSacs HP 65XL combo pack are compatible for all HP 65/65XL series printer model. Including Deskjet and Envy printers. You can find a full list in the compatible printers section of this page.

03. How many pages does the v4ink InkSacs print?

A v4ink InkSacs HP 65XL ink cartridge can print 480 pages, which is 180 more pages than OEM 65XL ink cartridge.

A combo pack v4ink InkSacs HP 65XL Contains 3 HP 65XL replacement ink cartridge, which means it can print up to 1,440 pages in total.

The page yield of v4ink InkSacs is more than 3 times of the OEM product, and the price is only 30% of the original product.

04. How do I install an v4ink InkSacs for the first time?

You can install the ready-to-go ink cartridge into your printer directly for the first time. Here, we will show you step by step instructions on how to install the v4ink InkSacs HP 65XL ink cartridge into the Printer.

05. Can I buy a single OEM print head?

Right now we only offer v4ink InSacs in a 3-pack black, 3-pack tri-color and 6-pack black and tri-color combo pack. 
Since our OEM print head can be use together with replacement ink cartridge up to 3 times. If the OEM print head is used more than that, your print quality will deteriorate. By offering 3 replacement ink cartridges and a reusable OEM print head in a pack, you get the best possible printing results every time.





Model Name 65XL(With OEM printhead)
OEM Number N9K04AN
Type Remanufactured
Color Black
Packing Quantity 3 Packs
Page yield 480 Each (1,440 Total)
Cost Per Page 3.1 cents
Shelf Life 12-18 Months



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