Technical Parameters of Basic Knowledge of Toner Cartridge- Tn420 Toner

A good Brother HL-2240 printer can print more document with better printer quality by tn420 toner cartridge "primordial power". When referring to toner cartridge, you can't ignore the inner vital part—tn420 toner.

Toner cartridge for Brother,it not only has reliable printing quality, also has a better reputation. It's fine quality mainly depend on Excellent mechanical properties. approbate toner quality and so on. For better understanding the tn420 toner, you have something words you need to know.

1. The toner composition

Resin, which is the principal part of tn420 toner, at the same time it is the main imaging material, constituting the main component of toner.

Carbon black—the main imaging material, which has the function of adjusting the depth of color, that is, we usually call it blackness.
Magnetic iron oxide—under the magnetic force of the magnetic roller, toner can be carried on the magnetic roller.
Charge control corpuscle—the charge for controlling the friction of carbon powder makes the toner particle live even.
Lubricant (silicon) —acts as a lubricant and controls frictional charges.

Thermal melts (plasticizers) — control the melting point of the toner, carrying the toner in the molten state; then the monk penetrates will flow into the paper fiber to form a final image.

Under the full action of the above substances, tn420 toner can give its best performance for Brother HL-2240 printer.

2. Basic knowledge of tn450 toner cartridge—toner usage trips

2.1. usage phenomenon: 10~35 degree temperature, humidity is about 20~80%.

2.2. Print media: never use corrugated, damp, deformed and super-thick paper(especially card type paper). Too thick and hard paper will soon wear out the photosensitive drum, resulting in a decline in print quality and even unrepaired damage.

2.3. Shake the carbon powder before using toner before using it and then use it for a moment.

2.4. Carbon powder parameter: blackness is greater than 1.3(high quality photocopy black degree: 1.2-1.4, international blackness is 1.0). The amount of bottom ash toner consumption is less than 60mg particle size of 6-8um.

Therefore, there are many determined factors that influence the printing quality, we can master some basic knowledge of toner and choose a reliable toner professionally from special angles.


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