How to find the best printer?

Nowadays?Printers have become less expensive and increasingly tricked-out over time. But selecting a right printer can be tough – given so many options – especially with all the convoluted terms that can complicate the process. Before you get start to purchase, you'll need to decide which of the following profiles best fits your user type.

Inkjet or Laser?

If you're after a printer that can support a small team at the office, a laser printer is probably your best choice. Laser printers, which are known for excellent text-printing abilities, combine faster print speeds, sharp output, and a low cost per page. Printing in black and white using laser printers are very economical just like when using HP CF400X toner cartridge, while color inkjet cartridges are more expensive than tonersIf color is an absolute necessity to you, an inkjet printer might be the way to go. Most inkjet printers come with the standard cyan-magenta-yellow-black color array, although some photo-centric printers. If you plan on printing lots of photos, an inkjet printer is the only way to go. You can print photos with some color lasers, but the quality you'll see with an inkjet will be much better.

What are the kinds of paper you are going to use?

Keep in mind that toners from laser printers would not go through the photo papers. Another thing is that typical papers can not stand the heat or high temperature of laser printing machines. Better choose the right kind of printer that will match the types of paper you are going to work with. Consider the amount of papers that you are going to use.Printers have their own duty cycle and can function only in a limited number of pages per month. So, if you are going to use your printer exceeding the recommended use monthly, it will possibly get deteriorate easily and once this happened your warranty may not cover this.Tip: Do not forget that ink cartridges incorporated with original purchase usually are only half-full and the cost of full set of replacement might higher than you expected. Better ask your vendor to guide you in choosing the affordable and yet high quality ink or toner cartridges. Read Some things you didn't know about toner cartridges to learn more about printer cartridges.

Never mind the price.

Do not select or purchase according to its price. Be sure that your printer is suitable to your business or even personal needs.

Already decided?

Before you leave the store, double check the product features or specifications of the printer. This might help you avoid future problems on your process.

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