How to ensure the qualtiy of ink?

Nowadays, pirnters becomes more and more popular,especially for working. However not so many people know how to ensure the quality of printer toner cartridges. So today i want to tell you the most important factors to ensure the quality of ink.

Strictly control the production environment when we produce,to avoid the effects of dust on the ink during the production process, there is a need for a fairly clean operating environment to prevent ink dust clogging the print head and causing damage to the print head, Let us pay check below three points.

1. The establishment of a high-quality clean production workshop:

The workshop is fully enclosed and a large air purifier is installed to ensure that the dust in the air is removed. Any person entering the operating environment must pass through the clean room and put on special work shoes and work clothes.

2.The use of fully enclosed three filter system to filling ink:

All the ink is required to go through three filters (usually 5 microns, 1 micron and 0.2 micron), filtered before filling, all the raw materials are also subject to purification before they can be put into production.

Before the development of a new ink, to consider the operation of the entire printing system (piezoelectric or thermal), the fruit is a thermal bubble print head, to avoid heating some of the components in the heating chamber in the formation of insoluble crystals Of the barrier film. Piezoelectric print heads will be much better, they will only be in the nozzle cavity to kill the ink affected.

3. The last step in ink production is to thoroughly filter and inspect the ink to avoid impure effects on ink quality.

The quality inspection of ink includes the detection of physical and chemical indicators and print output detection. Print output detection Usually detected items are: sharpness, the spread between color, color and optical density, fade, drying speed.Quantity, stress test and so on.

Before the production of ink has not yet been manufactured, must undergo a rigorous inspection and testing, and the need for different batches of ink production model, so you can track the quality of ink. Only through the standardized procedures produced by the ink is qualified, but also customers can trust.

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