Can I print black and white without using colour toner?

Do you know? When you print something, the program you're printing from (Notepad, Photoshop, whatever) first sends the data to a driver program that converts the thing you want to print into a type of printer language, like PostScript or PCL, and that set of instructions is then sent to the printer.

For users who wish to print using just black ink (despite the reduced print quality), many HP printers offer options. While the color ink is not required for printing purposes, it do required for maintenance operations of the device. Set your printer to print in grayscale mode to use only the black ink to produce the text and images on your printouts.  

To select the grayscale printing option, please follow these steps: 1.Click / Select 'START' from the bottom left of the Windows screen, then select DEVICES AND PRINTERS. 

2.Click your right mouse button on the listing for your PIXMA MX920 series printer, then select PRINTING PREFERENCES from the menu that appears. 

3.Click on the MAIN tab. 

4.Select PLAIN PAPER as the Media Type.  

If any other paper type is selected, color ink will be used to create the black text that appears on the page, even if the grayscale printing option is selected. 

5.Select the checkbox for GRAYSCALE PRINTING near the bottom of the window. 

6.Click APPLY and then OK to save the changes and close out of the Printing Preferences window.

The printer will now only use the pigment black ink tank.


Print black ONLY will reduce color inks usage but users can't stop this. 

If you wish to print black ONLY, please try (for Windows): 

Click printer icon on desktop,

Click Set Preferences,

Click Advanced,

In "Grayscale ..." select "Black Ink Only"

Click Ok/Apply


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