Working Principles of Samsung Toners

Toner in the toner cartridge is the key in the printing process, and what makes these charcoal powders finally become a document on the page?

Print cartridge, also known as photosensitive drum, is generally made of aluminum base materials, and is coated with photosensitive materials on the substrate. Toner cartridgescan not only determine the quality of printing quality, also determine the cost users need to spend in the whole process. In the laser printer, more than 70% of the imaging components concentrate in the cartridges, that is the reason why the print quality is decided by the cartridges.

Selenium is a non-metallic chemical element, the chemical symbol is Se. It can be used as photosensitive materials, electrolytic manganese industry catalyst, animal essential nutrients and plant nutrients and other useful nutrients. The most critical part of a good laser printer is a toner cartridge, also known as a photosensitive drum. Toner model refers to the printer which can be used for the cartridge model, and under normal circumstances, people will use the one manufacturer recommend to them to match the cartridge model. Unless different models get the secondary filling use, or they can’t be used either.

Toner in the toner cartridge is the key in the printing process, and what makes these charcoal powders finally become a document on the page? First we need to know what is called latent image. The drum is a cylinder coated with an organic material (selenium, a rare element) on its surface, with a charge in advance, and when there is light, the reaction will occur when the part is irradiated. And it sends the data signal to control the laser emission, scanning in the drum surface of the constantly changing light, so that some places will be exposed.

Then the resistance becomes smaller, the charge disappears, and some places where have not been exposed to light, still retains the charge. Finally, the surface of the drum forms a latent image composed of many charges. And the toner in the print cartridge is a kind of fine resin particles being charged, and the charge polarities of carbon powder and the cartridge surface are opposite. When the charged drum surface goes through the ink roller, the charged parts absorb toner Particles, so the latent image becomes a real image.

While the Samsung toner continues working of rotation, the printing system sends the paper over, and the printing paper carrys the same polarities on the drum surface, with much stronger charges, then the paper goes through the toner cartridge, so the drum surface ink powder is attracted to the surface of the paper. The image has formed on the surface of the paper in this way. At this point, the toner and the paper are simply joined together by the attraction of charges, and the toner gets melted and heated on the surface of the paper during the cooling process before the printing paper gets fed out. After the toner is attached on the paper, the drum surface continues rotating, passing through a cleaner, and removes the remaining toner in order to enter the next printing cycle.


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