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v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Printer (BT-HH6405B2) Basic Set and Adjustable Holder Stand Freestanding Brackets Bundle

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Bundle Purchase Include:

  • ONE of v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer Package Set for (BT-HH6105B2);
  • ONE of Original v4ink Universal Adjustable Holder Stand Freestanding Brackets Stainless Steel;
  • Accessory Package: Sensors, Power adapter; USB Flash Disk, Sheet Metal Positioner; Roller Component, and User manual.
  • Warm Reminder: For best print performance, please always take the cartridge out of the printer and then cover the cartridge with its plastic cap when the printer is not in use for more than 10 minutes. This is to prevent the ink from being try and block the ink nozzle.

Prints any contents: v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer (BT-HH6105B2) can meet a variety demand of small business printing work and DIY work, include functions of text, numbers, symbols, QR-codes, barcodes, pictures, time, expire date, DIY logos, tags, and any kind of printing work is available to be printed out.

Prints on varies surfaces: v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer (BT-HH6105B2) can be printed on varies of porous or semi-porous surfaces, include wood, cloth, paper, fabric, carton, box, envelope, paper bag, plasterboard, fiberboard and so on. If you have questions about printing materials, please contact us.

Bracket Materials: The main body material of bracket is constructed with sturdy high-grade stainless steel to ensure the safety and security of your inkjet printer setup.

Bracket Compatibility: support portable handheld mobile printer to achieve automatic printing function for assembly production on conveyor.



  • Like all of v4ink products v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer BT-HH6105B2 comes with a 100 percent satisfaction customer service.
  • Each v4ink BENTSAI Portable Printer is tested in a variety of application like yours prior to packaging. And every printer comes with high-strength aluminum box ensure a safe arrival from warehouse to your delivery location.
  • Each box contains easy-to-follow illustrated instructions.
  • A professional service team is always ready to answer your concerns within 24 hours. Please contact us if you have any issues.

More Detail Specifications:

  • Model Number: v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer BT-HH6105B2
  • Printer Head: Thermal Ink-Jet Head
  • Printer Ink Cartridge: Black 2580P-Solvent fast dry ink
  • Ink Cartridge Capacity: 42ml
  • Operating System: Linux
  • External Source Interface: Photoelectric Interface, USB Plug, Charger Plug
  • Transition Indicator Light: Green indicates Ready Status, Blue indicates Print Status, Red indicates Alarm Status.
  • Printing Distance: 2-5mm Guarantees the best printing quality
  • Printing Accuracy: Up to 600DPI
  • Printing Height: The Word Printing Volume is 2.5mm at minimum, and 12.7mm at maximum
  • Printing Content: text, numbers, symbols, QR-codes, barcodes, pictures, time, date, DIY logos, tags, etc.
  • Bracket Easy installation: Mounting the bracket is a simple process with removable steel tubes and plates.


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