Welcome to the v4ink warranty self-cherk page.
All v4ink products purchased from legal distribution channels and authorized distributors are covered by 2-year Worry-Free Warranty.
Please provide your order information to find out if the warranty service you are enjoying is valid. If you have any problems with our products.
Please initiate a warranty service communication. Our after-sales service staffs will respond to your questions within 24 hours

How to find your Order ID?

Amazon: Sign in Amazon account, go to "Orders" and find your Order ID. Sample Order ID number is: 123-1234567-1234567

Ebay: Sign in Ebay account, find "My Ebay", go to "Purchase History",then click "More Actions" to view order detail.find the product you need to check, Samle Order ID number is: 123456123456-1234561234567

v4ink Official Website: Sign in v4ink account, find "My Account" then go to "My orders". Sample Order ID number is: V412345678912345ABC

Account Name:This is the name of the account you used when placing your order. For example, if your Amazon account name is 'Mary', then you should fill in 'Mary' here.

Please provide your usual contact email address.

After you have successfully submited your order detail, an email will be sent to you with specific warranty information.